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h305 Safety Advisory: Sidestands

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••Safety Advisory !!! •••

Parts Diagram - CB77
• Part Numbers  - CB77
• Parts Diagram - CL77

Not too long ago a crash report came in on the VJMC discussion list. The essence is this: the rider was riding his newly acquired Honda Superhawk and went down while attempting a left hand turn.

This reminded me that one of the first things my Superhawk did when I bought it was to keep dropping the side stand, with the spring in place. The main cause turned out to be a bent mount plate where repeated "lean over on the sidestand" condition bent the underdesigned plate just a bit. This resulted in the spring anchor pin becoming positioned closer to the stand, when in the folded position. Combined with an old spring the assembly would not hold the stand arm in place at certain road conditions.

The only way to fix this is to replace the sidestand mount plate and spring. Check the parts Diagram and the photos for reference. The rider who went down lived to tell about it, but there is good reason to examine the sidestand on your own bike before the next ride.


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