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Fine Print, Etc. is a publisher, not an intermediary to the transactions. All negotiations, agreements and contracts are between buyers and sellers.

                             Overview and Misc. Details is known worldwide for its Vintage Honda content. This is the place to be seen selling your old Honda! While I will not turn away anyone wishing to sell a Vintage British bike, the most appropriate bikes to showcase would come from the pre 1970 production of the Japanese bikes family.

Once I receive your h305 Survey entry, and the "For Sale" ad text and photo/s, I will include it in the For Sale section. Please allow for image processing and posting. The ad will run for the duration of your listing contract or until the bike is sold.

Once the bike is sold, I may keep the bike picture with a "Sold" sign on it, but will remove the contact info (unless you want to leave it) to prevent any unwanted calls or emails about a bike already sold.

Each listing will have two main viewable components:

  1. An icon (small format photo) listing in the "For Sale Gallery" with Year, Make Model  and Price listed below. The icon will link to:
  2. An Individual Page, with a large scale photograph/s (three or four are usually enough) of your bike along with whatever text you provide. Be descriptive, but don't write a book.

Daimmler Imports? This is the business name for financial transactions on this web site. Daimmler Imports is owned by Michael Stoic.


                            Motorcycle photos:

Please submit the photos in one of the following graphic formats:

GIF, JPG, JPEG, PCX, BMP, TIF, TIFF. I prefer the JPG format, but will work with whatever comes over the wire.

Photographs can be mailed in. Please allow for additional time for us to scan and process the photos (and/or image files) before they can be uploaded to the web site. In general, 24 hours during the business week and 48 hours over the weekend.

If you need us to return the photographs, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. The graphic images become the property of

All text you want to have included with your motorcycle photographs should be sent in by email.

Did I forget anything? I am sure I did, but whatever else happens, I will always try to make sure you are satisfied in dealing with Many Thanks!!!

Michael Stoic

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