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Superhawk: The Racing Heritage

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Isle of Man: 1961
Isle of Man: 1998
CB72: Isle of Man, 1998
CB72: Factory Testing Grounds
CB72: Factory Team
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When I took my [then] 34 year old motorcycle on a 1000 mile trip, what was I thinking? The bike was not restored (although it was well maintained) and was approaching the 14,000 mile anniversary. Actually, the risk was a calculated one. Since I performed every repair and maintenance task myself, I had developed a feel for just about every component. The bike had been on a shorter trip before - about 500 miles long - and had performed without a flaw. There was every reason to believe that a long journey would be a success as well. Every reason, that is, in terms of the eccentric nature of those who ride these old bikes.

What happened surprised me at first, but on second reflection became an obvious fact. Not only did the bike make the trip there and back, but it managed to reveal some of its more important yet subtle attributes. I would have preferred the usual "back road" pace, but the 500 mile leg of the homeward journey had to be all highway. This is where the true origin of the CB77 Superhawk was finally revealed. This vintage motorcycle was able to travel at a sustained average speed between 65 to 80 MPH, with the RPM range between 6K to 7K, over the course of many hours. The motor would just sing and the power was available at all times. Remarkably, not only was there no degree of fade, but the more it was ridden under full load, the better it performed. Truly a testament to this Honda's Racing Heritage!

As you browse through this area, you will see that the racing nature of the Honda Superhawk is a part of its past, its present and - no doubt - its future.


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