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Road Trip Reports

Early Superhawk Trio
Riding a vintage motorcycle must be one of the greatest thrills on earth. Twist the throttle. Kiss the sky. Then, people leave notes on your bike. Then, you might win awards... 

You ride a vintage motorbike - you transcend time. You glean immortality, but you stay a while longer. Then, for a while, you are a demi-God. Then it's time to go home and feed the cats.

Some people say it better than others: "I could get used to this riding motorcycles around stuff. The long haul has a Zen quality--you are totally there, and yet hours pass unnoticed, and it's 2:30 in the afternoon and you know you should eat, but don't really want to stop...  Good to be alive."
                                Quote by: Eric Lamberts

So, where do you take your vintage bike?

Pictures, Impressions

  August, 1999
  September, 1998
  October, 1997


  Spanish Birch
  Perfect Retrospect
  The Other Side
  Lenin, Sushi, Guggenheim 
  Pale Lavender 
  Rev Down 
  This Year In New England
  The Rider Safety Course


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