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  Honda Shop Manual
  Honda Shop Manual
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  Bill Silver: Restoration & ID Guide
  Bill Silver: Motor Guide
  Ron Burton: Illustrated Buyer's Guide

Regardless of what you ride, literature is the best tool available. This holds especially true for older motorcycles, such as Honda Superhawks, Scramblers and Dreams.

In general, the available literature can be divided into several general categories:

Factory Technical Literature: Owner's Manuals, Factory Shop Manuals, Set-Up Guides, Technical Service Bulletins, Parts Manuals, Parts Microfiche. Factory sales literature is another vast territory.

Aftermarket Technical Literature: Well known repair manuals were produced by Clymer, Haynes, Chiltons, Glenn's. I'd purchase any I came across.

Parts Manuals  

Parts Manuals include the diagrams for every part in the bike, along with the Part Numbers. These manuals are organized by models and will include chassis number references, if part changes were introduced somewhere along the line of production. This is the best way to identify a part when shopping and also provides a very useful insight into how the bike is actually put together.

Restoration Guides  

A unique area. By definition, such literature is an outcome of someone's personal commitment to the field. Here, the unique experience of a given author may end up shedding light on an otherwise obscure area, as encountered and solved by a fellow enthusiast.

I've made extensive use of two books, written by Bill Silver - a long standing authority in the world of vintage Honda motorcycles.

Buyer's Guides  

Expand your horizons. Perhaps, you might start out liking only Honda Superhawks, but you never know where you'll end, if you'd only let yourself go... Here is something to help you get there and back.


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