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Honda Superhawk - CP77

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This is a 1964 Honda Superhawk CP77 (Serial No. CP77 40007xx). The CP77 variant of the Superhawk remains a somewhat mysterious creature. Whereas the CB77 is a stock Superhawk and the CYP77 is a full dress Police model, the role of the CP77 is not as clearly defined. There are references to the CP77 ranging from a "regular street bike" to an "unofficial racing version," with many gradations in-between. Some say the CP77s were slated for the Domestic market (Japan), while most of the CP77 entries in the Registry indicate they are often found in Canada.

This particular CP77 happens to have been factory fitted with the rare early type turn signal assemblies [photo #3 & #4], along with the appropriate turn signal switch, wiring harness, flasher bracket and can, etc. Parts books call this option - "Winkers for the German market." The same small rectangular winkers (in unfinished aluminum on this CP77) were painted white and factory installed on the full dress Police CYP77 Superhawks.

1964 CP77 - With Saddlebags 1964 CP77 - With Saddlebags
1964 CP77 - Turnsignal Detail, Front 1964 CP77 - Turnsignal Detail, Rear

Riding impressions are many. I especially love the vintage feel of this machine. The sound - as you twist the throttle - is unique and well matched to the motor's performance. Powerful, yet civilized. Aggressive, but not mean-spirited. Loud enough, but not scandalous. Here are some vintage road tests for other perspectives.

Owning a vintage motorcycle compels one to tinker. I've been keeping a repair log, detailing the "behind-the-scenes" of what it takes to maintain this machine in good riding order. It is safe to imagine that many of the events described there will be encountered by anyone who wants to maintain their vintage bike in riding condition.

Of course, owning and fixing this bike is great, but riding it is even better. I like the back roads the best. Sometimes I keep a riding log and sometimes I just jump on the bike and disappear down the road...

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