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Honda Superhawk - CB72, CB77, CP77

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Robert Pirsig on his 1964 Superhawk

  CYP77 Police Superhawk
  1964 Superhawk CP77 w/Turn Signals
  Superhawk Road Tests
  Work of Art

This web site is devoted to the legendary Honda Superhawk - model CB77. Undoubtedly, you have your own reasons for being here. As for me, this motorcycle holds special significance in that it is the first riding bike I've owned. Below, I've listed various general topics, in broad categories, all inspired by the Honda Superhawk, and in no particular order of importance. On the other hand, I leave that decision up to you.


Literature - Technical
VJ Survey Literature - Philosophy
Repair Log Social Commentary
Riding Log Amongst Peers
Road Tests Picture Gallery
Marketplace Parts Search: PQR


I am always seeking any and all: articles, pictures, reference charts, links to other sites, stories, folklore, etc. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for stopping by!

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